Installation of Mythbuntu and Initial Graphics Setup

I have an SSD as the primary drive. I chose the following partitions:

  • 75000MB (roughly) /
  • 15000MB swap

Mythbuntu installed fine. When I refreshed the server, I installed Ubuntu Server and then the mythbuntu-desktop package in order to have the server base.

Upon start-up, I opened the mythbuntu control center. I chose the Windows Media Center IR receiver, and chose the repository for mythtv 0.27. I also installed the proprietary AMD ATI graphics driver. Then I updated and upgraded all packages. The proprietary AMD graphics driver actually caused problems with MythTV using OpenGL – the video was appearing behind the menus, and so not usable unless OpenGL was disabled (using only Qt). Therefore I went back to the open source driver, which works great.

Based on I also installed the following packages to improve hardware acceleration:

sudo apt-get install mesa-vdpau-drivers vdpauinfo

Then within MythTV->Advanced->Setup->TV Settings->Display I enabled VDPAU High as the video renderer. This gave me noticeably smoother and lower CPU load playback than using the Qt and CPU rendering.

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